The Royal Club @ The Royal Residence

The Royal Residence Villa, the Hamonious Legacy, is located in Nawamin City. A timeless creation, The Royal Residence is the definition of exclusive living in the unique style of “Oriental Victorian”. The design is to integrate modern lifestyle, traditional wisdom, high security and smart technology. Therefore, this world class housing deserves the World Class Pest Management System for the best protection of the years to come.

The project is managed by TCC Capital Land, Thailand’s real estate market leader, to ensure the true essence of fine living experience for those who decide to own this high-valued property.

This year TCC Capital Land awarded Bug People, Thailand Authorized Operator to Exterra, to take care of the Royal Club, the 3,000 square meter clubhouse where equipped with full option exclusive facilities which will enhance the extreme experience of ultimate living at The Royal Residence featuring: Infinity-Edge swimming pool, Tennis Court, Luxury sport club, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Spa Pavilion with panoramic view of the lake, The very exclusively elegant multifunction banquet room. So, the place is the heart for families who live in The Royal Residence and it deserves for the most professional pest management systems ranging from Exterra Interception Zone and Baiting System for termite solution, Bell Labs’ Rodent Management System, and Mosquito Control with the most effective chemical “ Maxxthor “.

Every selected systems are environment safety and this is the reason why they are right choices for all timeless craftsmanship.

Last but not least, the Royal Club is protected with TimberSafe Warranty Program accredited by Pacific International Insurance Limited, the leading Insurance Agency from New Zealand who are expert in Pest Management Industry, providing coverage at the maximum of 3 million baht for any damages to all structural and decorative timber which are built-in and make good repairs. TimberSafe Warranty Program can be issued only if the property is protected with World Class Termite Baiting System called “ Exterra “.
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