A: I am hearing a lot about nonrepellent products for ant control. Can you elaborate?

Q: The new liquid nonrepellents are a popular trend in pest control. This innovative technology is undetectable, which means the ants cannot see, smell or taste the insecticide. As a result, the ants unknowingly acquire the chemical generally by contact with treated surfaces. With some of these products, such as Termidor® termiticide-insecticide, ants contacting the treatment are killed slowly enough to allow them to return to their colony, and transfer the chemical to other ants. Three leading products currently on the market are Termidor and Phantom® termiticide-insecticide from BASF—The Chemical Company, and Premise® for outdoor perimeter control by Bayer Environmental Science. Bait technology is also nonrepellent but is generally slower acting than liquid sprays. Baits are acquired by and transferred among ants primarily by ingestion.