A: What do ants eat?

Q: Although ants may show seasonal or varied preferences for food types, most are omnivores and will feed on many types of foods. Food preference often depends on the colonies’ needs. For example, in the spring, developing larvae need protein food sources. As workers increase in numbers, carbohydrates are needed simply to provide them with energy.
Adult ants can only ingest liquid foods. Plant nectars and honeydew from plant sucking insects are the preferred natural sweet food sources. Natural oil and protein food sources may come from seeds, plants or dead insects. Any of these food types (sweets, oils, fats, protein) are easily found in many man made foods and are the reason we see ants indoors foraging for and contaminating food items.
Before solid foods can be utilized by ants, they must be brought back to the nest by workers and given to older larvae to process into liquid form.